Fundraising FAQ

The wreaths are hand made in Phillips and Montreal Wl, especially for fund-raising projects. Our experienced staff in Montreal increased our production, giving us beautiful quality wreaths, a fresher product and happy customers. This year will be a record year for Rose Wreath celebrating our 43rd year in business.


Anyone! The wreaths come in a variety of sizes ideal for all homes or businesses. Also three great mail order options. Your customers will love the products all made with fresh balsam and sporting velvet bows. Beautiful!


The suggested selling prices are set up to provide your group with maximum profit from your efforts. You may change the suggested selling price; this is your fundraiser! Some Midwestern groups earn enough money for the entire group to go skiing in Colorado or to go scuba diving in Florida. Some of our groups
have even set up scholarships. It’s all up to you! Example only: 20 inch wreath – sell to your customer for$18.10 You pay us $12.10 and you keep $6. Profit will vary on every item. Your profit margin is excellent. Set individual goals!

They are new, easy to follow sheets and set up for young people. We want your fund-raiser to be a success. We have gone all out to make your sales as carefree as possible. Our motto every year is “simple, simple, & simple!” All products are color coded with youth fund raising in mind. The order sheets are color
 coded to the pictures. It’s time for a change! Let’s make it a good change. All product photos shown.

Sales sheets are available from Rose Wreath at any time. New sales sheets will be sent out to you when you contact us for sign up. In full color.

Each sheet has order forms. Each member of your group, adult and youth, will need their own. Space is provided on the sales sheet brochure to hold each member’s name. It is recommended that you order
extras as some members may fill up more than one. Let us know if you need added mail order labels. Our
 mail order labels are simplified.  Each label is set up to be used for any mail order and this year they are not in duplicate. Duplicating is not necessary because we feed your label information into a UPS system.

This sounds too good to be true!
You may obtain an open credit line with Rose Wreath, LLC. We finance this entire program until your money is received. It is important that you promptly pay for you wreaths when payment is due. Keep in mind that we are a family run business and we must also pay our suppliers in a timely fashion. In addition, you will find that it is easier to pre-sell the wreaths when no money is required from your customers until delivery.

No! This is a no risk fundraising project. Remember, you are held responsible for the full amount of wreaths that you order. That means accepting delivery and payment in full. If you speculate the number of wreaths you may sell, you run the risk of a significant loss.

When you receive your sales packet, a predetermined location and time will be assigned to you for your pick up. We have arranged these pickup points to be the most convenient for all our customers. Note: we may be scheduling some mid-week deliveries. Please cooperate with our schedule. We do try and satisfy the majority of requests, if we are aware of specific needs & have ample time to change requests.

MILWAUKEE AREA: The wreaths will be brought to the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club at Miller Park. Same spot.

Current pick up cities include: Milwaukee, Green Bay, Rockford, Madison, Onalaska and Eau Claire.

We recommend that you distribute your wreaths to your customers as soon as possible. Wreaths should be stored in a cool place. Be sure they are off concrete and out of heat and sunlight. Do not store between inside door & storm door. Deliver as soon as possible, on an early time-frame, so the product is delivered fresh.

The cost of freight has already been added to your
product costs. Your fund-raiser costs will be made easier – to keep with our motto of keep it simple,simple, simple. Freight charges outside of Wisconsin and Illinois will stay as load delivery charges.

No. The prices you choose to charge your customers is up to you. The suggested price is just that, suggested. However, it is based on past experience and market research. Areas differ. Many customers use this guide.

Yes. The sales sheets are designed to handle that situation. It has a space for the amount paid with the order and a space for the amount due upon delivery. Remember, trying to collect money up front when you have no product in hand could result in losing the sale. If a customer offers to pay in advance, don’t refuse. Rose Wreath LLC does not require a deposit when you place your order.

We will gladly replace damaged products at no charge; but you must return items as soon after pick up as possible. In the Milwaukee and surrounding areas we are happy to replace or give you extra on our second drop. After our second drop, we give you ample time to return an item or pick up extra before our trailers leave. It is not fair or acceptable to let us know after the trucks have left your area. We are there for a  long  period. You will have no problem in replacing damaged wreaths or getting extra wreaths scheduled. However, you must let us know as soon as you can.