Rose Wreath’s motto is:
Keep it Simple, Simple, Simple!

Your wreath order must be received in our office no later than Saturday, November  9th, 2019. Payment for wreaths due on receipt of bill. You will receive your bill after delivery and with ample time to collect all money from your group. Late payments are subject to a penalty if not paid on time. We can report sincerely that we worked with some excellent groups in the past. Many fund-raising groups will benefit in 2019. We know you will enjoy seeing all the products we have to offer.

Caution: We can not be held responsible for duplicated orders.

Please be very careful that orders are not duplicated by more than one person doing the ordering for you. When picking up your order please go over paper work available to double check that this is your order and quantity you ordered. You must use the mail order labels included in your sales packet for all mail order products offered. We track and inventory from these.

Also, be extra careful printing correctly addresses needed to correctly deliver. Our new mail order labels are new and easy to fill. One label can be used for all 3 mail orders. Do not put P.O. Box numbers, we must have physical addresses. Please make reference to your invoice number in all of your correspondence with us written or by phone. Your invoice number will be on Form A (your invoice order sheet) and will change every year.

18" Miniature TreeYou are selling a product that sells itself – Christmas. Our products are fragrant. Compared to any, our products are tops!! Our prices are better than competitive and that’s why we achieve in this field.

IN THIS YEAR 2019 WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU let your efforts during the Christmas Season reward your group for the entire year. Ultimately, this protect is as big as you make it. Your group has a chance to work together for its own benefit and the youth have the opportunity to experience the responsibility of their own small business. In this program, your efforts are rewarded! Scouting units, School and Church organizations, and other Community Adult and Youth groups are able to benefit from a Christmas Wreath Sale. Every Christmas season, homes and businesses around the country are decorated with the beauty and aroma of fresh evergreen Christmas products. The sale of Christmas wreaths in the fall of the year can generate enough funds to cover most of the activities and expenses your group will experience for the rest of the year.

Your efforts in just a few weekends can give your group the financial security it deserves. All participants in this program receive an open account. You make your sales in advance, then place your order for exactly what your group has sold. When you deliver the wreaths, you collect the money. When you receive your bill you pay Rose Wreath LLC the wholesale price and the rest is yours to keep. Keep in mind, cost of freight is not on wreath price list.

We are here to make your fund raiser a success. Please feel free to call us at anytime. We appreciate your input. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. (715) 339-2998.

Earn extra profits with our early payment program

Each $1000.00 you prepay entitles you to 12 of our 20” or 6 of our 26” single face balsam wreaths free of charge. Many groups profit from this program. To qualify for this special program, please follow these important steps for 2019:

  1. Early payment must be received NO LATER THAN JULY 15th. Payment received in our office after this date will not qualify. We use this for pre-season employees. This policy must be enforced.
  2. It is your responsibility to see that you have received your free wreaths upon pick-up. There are absolutely NO CASH DISCOUNTS in lieu of free wreaths.
  3. We will deduct the amount of prepayment from your final bill.
  4. Your invoice number must be indicated with your prepayment to guarantee acceptance into this program. Do not send more money than your order will end up totaling.
  5. Your free wreaths are in addition to your total order of 20″ or 26″ wreaths that you indicate on your order form. Indicate what size free ones you want – please do not mix sizes.
  6. Your order must exceed the amount of prepayment, or there will be a penalty at pick-up.
  7. Do NOT send $1000.00 unless you have THIS YEAR’S INVOICE # to put on your registration form E. in packet. lf you don’t have an invoice number for 2019 please call.
  8. Groups who wish to sign up for this program will find a new registration form in their packet to be signed and sent. Please read this form very carefully. When you feel that this is a program that you fully understand, sign and send. This form will also explain in more detail our program and simplify rather than complicate orders.

Interested in using  Rose Wreath as your Fundraiser?

You cannot notify us “too early”. Please call or write NOW and prepare for a successful fundraiser this year! We will send you the sales sheets you will need, FORM A (invoice number order form) complete with date, time, and location of your pick-up, your mail order labels and selling aids. Should you need more sales sheets or mail order labels, they are available at any time from Rose Wreath. At the time of sign up, your only obligation is stating “YES!, we plan on using Rose Wreath for our fund-raiser.” If you do order any sales sheet you will be obligated to pay for these, unless you return them. If you decide not to use Rose Wreath please call as soon as possible because other others will appreciate using your time slot on pick up day.